The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

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    Gustave Le Bon

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    Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind is a book authored by Gustave Le Bon that was first published in 1895. In the book, Le Bon claims that there are several characteristics of crowd psychology: "impulsiveness, irritability, incapacity to reason, the absence of judgement of the critical spirit, the exaggeration of sentiments, and others...".

古斯塔夫·勒庞(Gustave Le Bon),出生于1841年,逝世于1931年,法国社会心理学家、社会学家,群体心理学的创始人,有“群体社会的马基雅维里”之称。勒庞的思想和理论对社会心理学产生了较大影响,同时也成为现代意识形态研究中不可或缺的内容。

Gustave Le Bon (7 May 1841 – 13 December 1931) was a French social psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist, inventor, and amateur physicist. He is best known for his 1895 work The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. His writings incorporate theories of national traits, racial and male superiority, herd behavior and crowd psychology.

Scarcely a century ago the traditional policy of European states and the rivalries of sovereigns were the principal factors that shaped events. The opinion of the masses scarcely counted, and most frequently indeed did not count at all. To-day it is the traditions which used to obtain in politics, and the individual tendencies and rivalries of rulers which do not count; while, on the contrary, the voice of the masses has become preponderant. It is this voice that dictates their conduct to kings, whose endeavour is to take note of its utterances. The destinies of nations are elaborated at present in the heart of the masses, and no longer in the councils of princes.

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    This is the case I would call the practical use of concept--something that relies on the attractiveness of words that could invest their lives with meanings, make them feel self-realized and serve as an unexamined 'ultimate purpose'.

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    From this example, we can easily understand the meaning of remote and immediate factors, in a nutshell, remote factors are some prepartory work of thoughts and immediate factors are practical actions to support or protest.

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    the exist of juries makes the judegment more humanization,they consider more about the reality not just do as the law.

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    We all know that the crowd is easily influenced by the suggestion. Environment and events that are linked to the race are exactly the social suggestions. So they have amazing function to guide a crowd. Race, as the suggestions, has a considerable influence on their way of thinking. They think as the racial factors and set up the concepts with racial factors. They become the signet of the race which control their direction of behaviours and the characteristics peculiar to their genius. Different races have different guidance. Consequently, the crowd of different countries offer very considerable differences of the beliefs and conducts and are not to be influenced in the same manner.

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    Education, provides us with a large amount of knowledge, can only makes become more knowledgeable, but it can not raise our level of intelligence. The most valuable part of our intelligence is not the amount of our acquired knowledge, but the comprehensive self-development including our judgement, initiative and so on.

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    The contradictions simply mentioned in the passage, although according to the author I haven’t earn the experience to talk about them in depth, I still want to share my shallow opinion. It is true about the fact that everyone can have these contradictions, basically originated from the conflict of traditional thoughts, that is, hereditary ideas as the author says, and modern progressive ideas. We are in an awkward century, where we all know new and progressive concepts should take place of the older ones. However, no concepts with complete and understandable theory put forward, only points of view we are aware of its correctness without firm provement against the old-tradition and ingrained ones. While we cannot deny the new concepts, lack of rigorous reasoning and withdraw of old thoughts, these contradictions will exist in a long time. Take the legality of homosexual marriage as an example, many people now gradually accept this kind of love exists, even support it in a parade or online. But when things happened around them, like their relatives and family, their hate and sickness are unbelievable. It’s not because they are hypocritical or sudden change of personality, but the new theory hasn’t been strong enough to beat the hereditary ideas.

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    I adored the analogy in the passage. The author compares the influence of fundamental ideas to the water in a stream, usually we don’t even notice the flow of water, but the water change into steam, into rivers, eventually into a sea, an ocean, becoming vital things that we can’t ignore anymore. So do the fundamental ideas in the crowd, they are too common to be study deeply, but undoubtedly we cannot turn a blind eye to what they can effect on the crowds. Simultaneously, the influence of transitory ideas is compared to small waves on the river, which both of them cannot last for a long time, but simply they arouse the peaceful surface effectively.

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  • Among such are to be counted, first of all, the half or... 全部评论(3) 去书内

    From this perspective,we can find that almost all of the young spent their fruitful time in the school instead of getting in touch with the outside people,receiving meaningful and experienced information.

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    To some degree,it may reflects the power of crowd.The rule is generally affected by the society and anyone break the rule will be punished.The society works well in this way.

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    Actually, I quite approve this opinion. A person of the crowd is quite easy to tempted to do something. When we join a crowd we think we find our home and settlement, but actually, in fact, the crowd may not be suitable for us. In this crowd we may desert our ability to think and accept what the crowd think instead.That why people are always divided into two group and argue with each other on the Internet. They talk about why they win but scarcely think about whether what they say is true. Their word are powerful and strong but not convincing.

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