Sister Carrie

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    Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser

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    Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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Sister Carrie (1900) is a novel by Theodore Dreiser about a young country girl who moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream by first becoming a mistress to powerful men and later as a famous actress.— Excerpted from Sister Carrie on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

西奥多·赫曼·阿尔伯特·德莱赛(Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser,1871年6月27日-1945年12月28日),是一位以探索充满磨难的现实生活著称的美国自然主义作家。他走遍了芝加哥、匹兹堡、纽约等大城市,广泛深入地观察了解社会,为日后的文学创作积累了丰富的素材。


Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser is an American author of the naturalist school, known for dealing with the gritty reality of life.

When Caroline Meeber boarded the afternoon train for Chicago, her total outfit consisted of a small trunk, a cheap imitation alligator-skin satchel, a small lunch in a paper box, and a yellow leather snap purse, containing her ticket, a scrap of paper with her sister's address in Van Buren Street, and four dollar in money. It was in August, 1889. She was eighteen years of age, bright, timid, and full of the illusions of ignorance and youth. Whatever touch of regret at parting characterized her given up. A gush of tears at her mother's farewell kiss, mill where her father worked by the day, a pathetic sigh as the familiar green environs of the village passed in review and the threads which bound her so lightly to girlhood and home were irretrievably broken.

  • Chapter I. The Magnet Attracting: A Waif Amid Forces

  • Chapter II. What Poverty Threatened: Of Granite and Brass

  • Chapter III. We Question of Fortune: Four-Fifty a Week

  • Chapter IV. The Spendings of Fancy: Facts Answer with Sneers

  • Chapter V. A Glittering Night Flower: The Use of a Name

  • Chapter VI. The Machine and the Maiden: A Knight of To-Day

  • Chapter VII. The Lure of the Material: Beauty Speaks for Itself

  • Chapter VIII. Intimations by Winter: An Ambassador Summoned

  • Chapter IX. Convention's Own Tinder-Box: The Eye that is Green

  • Chapter X. The Counsel of Winter: Fortune's Ambassador Calls

  • Chapter 11: The Persuasion of Fashion: Feeling Guards O'er Its Own

  • Chapter XII. Of the Lamps of the Mansions: The Ambassador Plea

  • Chapter XIII. His Credentials Accepted: A Babel of Tongues

  • Chapter XIV. With Eyes and Not Seeing: One Influence Wanes

  • Chapter XV. The Irk of the Old Ties: The Magic of Youth

  • Chapter XVI. A Witless Aladdin: The Gate to the World

  • Chapter XVII. A Glimpse Through the Gateway: Hope Lightens the Eye

  • Chapter XVIII. Just Over the Border: A Hail and Farewell

  • Chapter XIX. An Hour In Elfland: A Clamour Half Heard

  • Chapter XX. The Lure of the Spirit: The Flesh In Pursuit

  • Chapter XXI. The Lure of the Spirit: The Flesh In Pursuit

  • Chapter XXII. The Blaze of the Tinder: Flesh Wars With the Flesh

  • Chapter XXIII. A Spirit In Travail: One Rung Put Behind

  • Chapter XXIV. Ashes of Tinder: A Face At the Window

  • Chapter XXV. Ashes of Tinder: The Loosing of Stays

  • Chapter XXVI. The Ambassador Fallen: A Search for the Gate

  • Chapter XXVII. When Waters Engulf Us We Reach for a Star

  • Chapter XXVIII. A Pilgrim, An Outlaw: The Spirit Detained

  • Chapter XXIX. The Solace of Travel: The Boats of the Sea

  • Chapter XXX. The Kingdom of Greatness: The Pilgrim a Dream

  • Chapter XXXI. A Pet of Good Fortune: Broadway Flaunts its Joys

  • Chapter XXXII. THe Feast of Belshazzar: A Seer to Translate

  • Chapter XXXIII. Without the Walled City: The Slope of the Years

  • Chapter XXXIV. The Grind of the Millstones: A Sample of Chaff

  • Chapter XXXV. The Passing of Effort: The Visage of Care

  • Chapter XXXVI. A Grim Retrogression: The Phantom of Chance

  • Chapter XXXVII. The Spirit Awakens: New Search for the Gate

  • Chapter XXXVIII. In Elf Land Disporting: The Grim World Without

  • Chapter XXXIX. Of Lights and of Shadows: The Parting of Worlds

  • Chapter XL. A Public Dissension: A Final Appeal

  • Chapter XLI. The Strike

  • Chapter XLII. A Touch of Spring: The Empty Shell

  • Chapter XLIII. The World Turns Flatterer: An Eye in the Dark

  • Chapter XLIV. And This is Not Elf Land: What Gold Will Not Buy

  • Chapter XLV. Curious Shifts of the Poor

  • Chapter XLVI. Stirring Troubled Waters

  • Chapter XLVII. The Way of the Beaten: A Harp In the Wind