Nature: The Living Record of Science (Physics)

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    Lu Yongxiang; Sir John Maddox; Philip Campbell

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    Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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《<自然>百年科学经典》(英汉对照版)是国内一套英汉双语对照版的《自然》论文精选集,由外语教学与研究出版社联合麦克米伦出版集团和自然出版集团共同策划出版。《<自然>百年科学经典》由著名物理学家李政道先生担任总顾问,并由中国科学院前任院长路甬祥院士、《自然》杂志前任主编约翰·马多克斯(Sir John Maddox)爵士和现任主编菲利普·坎贝尔( Sir Philip Campbell)爵士出任主编。《<自然>百年科学经典》(英汉对照版)汇集了自《自然》杂志1869年创刊以来近150年间自然科学各领域(生物、物理、化学、天文、材料、基础医学、地球科学等)的重大发现和发明。《<自然>百年科学经典》(英汉对照版)通过原汁原味的科学论文,回顾了自然科学各个领域波澜壮阔的发展史。百年自然科学的波澜壮阔,尽在《〈自然〉百年科学经典》!

The first volume of Nature: The Living Record of Science included the classic papers published in the Nature magazine from 1869 to 1930. It contains 106 articles, which including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and earth science. Since the publication of the Nature in 1869 to 1930, breakthrough advances have emerged in the fields of physics, biology, and other fields: Pasteur studies the pathogenic microbes that lead to the disease of the Bombyx mori; Gray invented the device to transmit notes through the current - telephone. Raymond Dart found a skull in Taung and named the species Australopithecus Africanus; Davidson and Germer found the scattering of electrons; Raman found the anomalous scattering phenomenon - the Raman effect; Dirac predicted the existence of the positron...

The natural magnificant science over hundred years is all in this volume!


Nature: The Living Record of Science (first volume) contains and translates 106 essays published by the international academic journal Nature from 1869 to 1930, which reproduces the scientific development of the 40 years from the end of nineteenth Century to the early twentieth Century, and shows that researchers in the field of physical, chemical, biological, astronomical, astronomical, geosciences and so on have been trudging hard and exploring continuously. This volume is a branch of physics.

达尔文、爱因斯坦、沃森、克里克、霍金、麦克斯韦等顶尖科学家都是本套丛书这些经典文献的作者,本套丛书由著名美籍华裔物理学家、诺贝尔物理学奖获得者李政道担任总顾问,全国人大常委会副委员长、时任中科院院长路甬祥担任中方主编,《自然》杂志前任主编约翰•马多克斯爵士(Sir John Maddox)和《自然》杂志现任主编菲利普•坎贝尔(Philip Campbell)担任英方主编。

Darwin, Einstein, Watson, Crick, Crick, Hawking, Maxwell, and other top scientists are the authors of this series of books; the famous Chinese American physicists, Nobel physics prize winner Tsung Dao Lee took the chair of the general adviser. While the deputy chairman of the NPC regular Committee, the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang served as the Chinese editor in chief, the former editor of Sir John Maddox and the current editor in chief of Nature magazine Philip Campbell contributed as the British editor in chief.


We now form the prismatic spectrum on the screen. These are the simple colours of which white light is always made up. We can distinguish a great many hues in passing from the one end to the other; but it is when we employ powerful spectroscopes, or avail ourselves of the labours of those who have mapped out the spectrum, that we become aware of the immense multitude of different kinds of light, every one of which has been the object of special study. Every increase of the power of our instruments increases in the same proportion the number of lines visible in the spectrum.


The ten volume book, Nature: The Living Record of Science is the first collection of Chinese Bilingual edition of Nature, which brings together the significant articles, great discoveries and inventions in all fields of Natural Science (biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, material, basic medicine, earth science, etc.) that published on Natural magazine since the publication of the Nature since 1869. Each article is equipped with a short guide written by the senior editor of Nature magazine. The Chinese translation is checked by scientific researchers and scientists from various fields in China. Through the unique perspective of this set of papers, readers can understand how the frontiers and hot spots of science have changed over the past century, which usually reflects the broader trends in social and political life at that time.

  • 原子论战

  • 数学和物理科学

  • 论色觉

  • 1870年的科普利奖章获得者

  • 克拉克·麦克斯韦的气体动力学理论

  • 分子

  • 关于物体分子构成的动力学证据

  • 麦克斯韦测量以太的计划

  • 克拉克·麦克斯韦的科学工作

  • 论一种新型的射线

  • 伦琴教授的发现

  • 关于阴极射线的新实验

  • 磁化对物质发射的光的性质的影响

  • 原子内的电荷

  • 原子结构

  • X射线的反射

  • 爱因斯坦关于万有引力的相对论

  • 相对论发展概述

  • 原子结构

  • 原子和分子的尺度

  • 波与量子

  • 导体中电的热扰动

  • 镍单晶对电子的散射

  • β射线的连续谱

  • 一种新型的二次辐射

  • 波动力学和放射性衰变

  • 无线传输的“波带”理论

  • 电子和质子

  • α粒子引发的人工衰变

  • α射线的精细结构

  • 质子

  • 以太与相对论

  • The Atomic Controversy

  • Mathematical and Physical Science

  • On Colour Vision

  • The Copley Medalist of 1870

  • Clerk Maxwell’s Kinetic Theory of Gases

  • Molecules

  • On the Dynamical Evidence of the Molecular Constitution of Bodies

  • Maxwell’s Plan for Measuring the Ether

  • Clerk Maxwell’s Scientific Work

  • On a New Kind of Rays

  • Professor Röntgen’s Discovery

  • New Experiments on the Kathode Rays

  • The Effect of Magnetisation on the Nature of Light Emitted by a Substance

  • Intra-Atomic Charge

  • The Structure of the Atom

  • The Reflection of X-Rays

  • Einstein’s Relativity Theory of Gravitation

  • A Brief Outline of the Development of the Theory of Relativity

  • Atomic Structure

  • The Dimensions of Atoms and Molecules

  • Waves and Quanta

  • Thermal Agitation of Electricity in Conductors

  • The Scattering of Electrons by a Single Crystal of Nickel

  • The Continuous Spectrum of β-Rays

  • A New Type of Secondary Radiation

  • Wave Mechanics and Radioactive Disintegration

  • The “Wave Band” Theory of Wireless Transmission

  • Electrons and Protons

  • Artificial Disintegration by α-Particles

  • Fine Structure of α-Rays

  • The Proton

  • The Ether and Relativity