Robinson Crusoe

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    Daniel Defoe

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    Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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Son of a middle-class Englishman, Robinson Crusoe puts out to sea to find adventure. And on one of his voyages he is shipwrecked on a deserted South American island for thirty-five years. After scavenging his broken ship for useful items, he had only his skills and ingenuity to keep him alive as there was to be no one else on the island for the next twenty-four years. In the middle of that twenty-fourth year he rescued a native about to be eaten by cannibals who were using his island for a place of feasting. Crusoe named this man Friday, after the day of his rescue. Friday became his faithful servant and friend, even returning with him to England after their deliverance by an English ship.


Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe that was first published in 1719. Epistolary, confessional, and didactic in form, the book is a fictional autobiography of the title character (whose real name is Robinson Kreutznaer)—a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island near Trinidad, encountering cannibals, captives, and mutineers before being rescued.

丹尼尔·笛福(Daniel Defoe 1660-1731),英国作家,英国启蒙时期现实主义小说的奠基人,被誉为“英国和欧洲小说之父”。其作品可读性强,主要构架为:主人公个人通过努力,靠智慧和勇敢战胜困难,表现了当时追求冒险,倡导个人奋斗的社会风气。其代表作《鲁滨孙漂流记》,创造了与困难抗争的典型人物鲁滨孙。

Daniel Defoe was an English trader, writer, journalist, and pamphleteer, who gained fame for his novel Robinson Crusoe. Defoe is notable for being one of the earliest proponents of the novel, as he helped to popularize the form in Britain and along with others such as Richardson, is among the founders of the English novel.


I presently found there were no less than nine naked savages sitting round a small fire they had made, not to warm them, for they had no need of that, the weather being extremely hot, but, as I supposed, to dress some of their barbarous diet of human flesh which they had brought with them, whether alive or dead I could not tell.


From Booklist: One of the first novels ever written, Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe (1719), the classic adventure story of a man marooned on an island for nearly 30 years, is part of our culture.

  • 第一章 生活的开端

  • 第二章 奴役与逃亡

  • 第三章 荒岛遇难

  • 第四章 初到岛上的几周

  • 第五章 建房——日记

  • 第六章 生病和内疚

  • 第七章 农业经历

  • 第八章 小岛位置勘察

  • 第九章 一条船

  • 第十章 驯养山羊

  • 第十一章 发现沙滩上的人类足迹

  • 第十二章 藏身的洞穴

  • 第十三章 西班牙船只失事

  • 第十四章 美梦成真

  • 第十五章 星期五接受教育

  • 第十六章 从食人族手中营救战俘

  • 第十七章 背叛者的到来

  • 第十八章 收复大船

  • 第十九章 重返英国

  • 第二十章 星期五战大熊

  • Chapter I Start in Life

  • Chapter II Slavery and Escape

  • Chapter III Wrecked on a Desert Island

  • Chapter IV First Weeks on the Island

  • Chapter V Builds a House—The Journal

  • Chapter VI Ill and Conscience-Stricken

  • Chapter VII Agricultural Experience

  • Chapter VIII Surveys His Position

  • Chapter IX A Boat

  • Chapter X Tames Goats

  • Chapter XI Finds Print of Man's Foot on the Sand

  • Chapter XII A Cave Retreat

  • Chapter XIII Wreck of a Spanish Ship

  • Chapter XIV A Dream Realised

  • Chapter XV Friday’s Education

  • Chapter XVI Rescue of Prisoners from Cannibals

  • Chapter XVII Visit of Mutineers

  • Chapter XVIII The Ship Recovered

  • Chapter XIX Return to England

  • Chapter XX Fight Between Friday and a Bear

  • 流浪的心

    笛福一定是个很敏感的人。鲁滨逊落脚荒岛后一天一年的心理变化描写得如此真切,尤其是他发现那个脚印后的惶恐以及之后的应对,把一个在寂静中孤单安定了十几年已经从理智上接受如此终老者突然感受到变化的心态深刻描绘了出来。从而将鲁滨逊塑造成一位有血有肉有人类细腻情感的孤单英雄,而不是高大全到惹人讨厌。      人从直立行走开……展开↓

  • 一切都是为了活着


  • 没有梦想的时候,你老了


  • 鲁滨孙的另类生活