The Cop and the Anthem

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    O. Henry

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    河南工程大学 赵建宇

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    Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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he Cop and the Anthem is a December 1904 short story by the United States author O. Henry. It includes several of the classic elements of an O. Henry story, including a setting in New York City, an empathetic look at the state of mind of a member of the lower class, and an ironic ending. Soapy is homeless. He faces the urgent necessity of finding some sort of shelter for the winter. He is psychologically experienced in thinking of the local jail as a de facto homeless shelter. And the narrative shows him developing a series of tactics intended to encourage the police to classify him as a criminal and arrest him.

Soapy's ploys include swindling a restaurant into serving him an expensive meal, vandalizing the plate-glass window of a luxury shop, repeating his eatery exploit at a humble diner, sexually harassing a young woman, pretending to be publicly intoxicated, and stealing another man's umbrella. However, all of these attempts are quickly exposed as failures.

As Soapy listens to the church organ play an anthem, he experiences a spiritual epiphany in which he resolves to cease to be homeless, end his life as a tramp afflicted with unemployment, and regain his self-respect. Soapy recalls that a successful businessman had once offered him a job. Lost in a reverie, Soapy decides that on the very next day he will seek out this potential mentor and apply for employment.

As Soapy stands on the street and considers this plan for his future, however, a policeman taps him on the shoulder and asks him what he is doing. When Soapy answers “Nothing,” his fate is sealed: he has been arrested for loitering. In the magistrate’s court on the following day, he is convicted of a misdemeanor and is sentenced to three months in Riker's Island, the New York City jail.


A New York City hobo named Soapy sets out to get arrested so he can avoid sleeping in the cold winter. Despite efforts at petty theft, vandalism, disorderly conduct, and “mashing” with a young prostitute, Soapy fails to draw the attention of the police. Disconsolately, he pauses in front of a church, where an anthem inspires him to clean up his life. But just when he has made up his mind to make a clean break with his past misdeeds, he is ironically charged for loitering and sentenced to three months in prison.

欧·亨利是其笔名,原名为威廉·西德尼·波特(William Sydney Porter)。美国著名批判现实主义作家,世界三大短篇小说大师之一。曾被评论界誉为“曼哈顿桂冠散文作家”和“美国现代短篇小说之父”。他的作品构思新颖,语言诙谐,结局常常出人意料,其中一些名篇如《爱的牺牲》、《警察与赞美诗》、《带家具出租的房间》、《贤人的礼物》、《最后一片藤叶》等使他获得了世界声誉。

William Sydney Porter (September 11, 1862—June 5, 1910), known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American writer. O. Henry's short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization and clever twist endings. The best known ones are A Service of Love, The Cop and the Anthem, The Furnished Room, The Gift of the Magi and The Last Leaf, which help him win fame abroad.

他惊恐地幡然醒悟,他已经坠入了深渊,那些堕落的日子、可耻的欲望、破灭的希望、被毁掉的才能和卑鄙的动机就是他从前生活的全部。 而他的内心立即激动地回应着这种异常的情绪。一股突如其来而又强烈的冲动激励他和令人绝望的命运进行抗争。他要把自己拉出泥潭,他要重新做人,他要战胜控制着自己的邪恶。现在还有时间,他还算年轻,他要重拾自己早年的热切抱负,并坚定地去追求它们。那些庄严而又甜美的风琴音符已经在他脑中引发了一场革命。

He viewed with swift horror the pit into which he had tumbled, the degraded days, unworthy desires, dead hopes, wrecked faculties and base motives that made up his existence.And also in a moment his heart responded thrillingly to this novel mood.An instantaneous and strong impulse moved him to battle with his desperate fate.He would pull himself out of the mire; he would make a man of himself again; he would conquer the evil that had taken possession of him.There was time; he was comparatively young yet; he would resurrect his old eager ambitions and pursue them without faltering.Those solemn but sweet organ notes had set up a revolution in him.



O. Henry's stories are gems of their kind; mellow, humorous, ironic, ingenious and shot through with that eminently salable quality known as 'human interest.'" —Bennet Cerf and Van Cartmell

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