The Breakthrough Imperative How The Best Managers Get Outstanding Results

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    Mark Gottfredson, Steve Schubert

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(Mark Gottfredson & Steve Schaubert)

马克·高佛森毕业于哈佛大学商学院及杨百翰大学(Brigham Young University),现为贝恩管理顾问公司(Bain & Company)达拉斯办事处总监,并且负责领导该公司的绩效提升部门,曾辅导众多产业的执行长及高级经理人,拥有超过24年的经验。

史堤夫·萧伯特毕业于哈佛大学商学院、东北大学(Northeastern University)及耶鲁大学,现为贝恩公司波士顿办事处总监,自1979年起便于该公司服务至今,所辅导的客户遍及钢铁、纺织、汽车、消费型商品、配销、医疗保健及金融服务等产业。


The more often any business task gets done, the less it costs to do it over time. The reason for this is that as the organization gets more experience, it usually figures out how to do things cheaper, better or faster. This is described as "moving down the experience curve." The challenge is to apply the benefits of the experience curve rigorously and systematically.

  • 五分钟摘要
  • 第1部分 经营的基本原则
  • 第2部分 提升绩效的系统化方法
  • Part 1 The Fundamental Principles of Business
  • Part 2 A Systematic Path to Performance Improvement
  • Every day you make progress. Every step may be fruitful.Yet... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    Tomorrow is another day.No matter how big the challenge we meet today, it will finally pass.We should not indulge ourselves into the failure and bad emotions.What we meed to do is to embrace the new world in the morning.As time goes by,we will sitness the effort we gain during this process.

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  • 【"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    Everything is supposed to have an end.

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  • And as you design your road to results, you will be ensuring... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    Successful people are those who are willing to meet challenges, get advanced.I hope I will be a kind of person like that in the near future after a I get a lot of traning in the student's union.

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  • Build the talent for successful succession from within your... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    If you want to get promoted, you are supposed to teach and train your teammates.

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  • It's vital that you hold people accountable for achieving... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    It is vital for leaders to make employees know that even they are just employees,their small efforts can still play an importatn role in the whole company.In this way, employees will also get immersed. On the other hand,referring to another theory,everyone has a sense of achievement.Once you get to know you are inportant to this team,you will not want to leave it and devolve yourself in to it.

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  • P-Plan—you need to define your points of departure and arrival... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    So that is the same reason as why we are supposed to write scheme before we hold an event.We can not simply use our imagination,we shoudl put it down to tell others what you are thinking so that others can follow and carry this plan.I dislike working with those people who think naively and take everything for granted.We should always know that delivering our messages and communicatiing with our teammates are really important,for the reason we are aorking as a tema,not a single man.

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  • Motivational—something all the stakeholders in your business... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    Desires drive people's actions,which is a theory that I always believe in. If you know we you will get after doing this,then you wiil have the motivation to finish it findly.Or if you can imagine and vision what uou will gain from it,then you will also be motivated.Although there is no one hundred percent izzue in this world,we still believe that there is chance to achieve it.So that is why people work hard im order to get a promote in their career.Although the comprtition may be very keen,and we may not get promote in the end,It is the desire deep in our herat that forces us to engage in these things.

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  • Determine where you and your main competitors are positioned... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    This reminds me of the SWOT stregy.S means strength.W menas weakness.O menas oppotunity. T means threat.Knowing our advantages and disadvantages will make us clear what the circumstance we are facing.Only putting ourselves into a bigger and comprehensive structure will we be able to tailor abundant methods to improve ourselves.

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  • 【"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    I like this sentence very much and consider this sentence to my motto.I hope I can vision what kind of woman I want to be in the future and stick to my goals.Every night before I go to bed,I always imagine I will become a successful woman like YangLan,a well-known hostress in China.I think I should add more details into my vision.The more details I add,the more courge and motivations I will get.

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  • 【"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    When we talk about genius, we are not referring those people who have great talents, instead we are tallking about those who have some talents,know their goals, set up a plan towards the goal and are able to put the plan into real practice.Talents, goals, encourgements and actions combining to make a genius.

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