Did you ever know a man to give a woman a dollar without any consideration?      去书内

  • The former reader take a father and daughter relationship as example, that's not proper to be compared with the situation in O.Henry's novel. Because he wanted to refer to a phenomenon at that time in the society, which happened commonly in the men and women (since it refers to couple in the book, that's what i mean "similar ages occasion")

    I just post my opinion on the reader's comment..

    Thx for your reply:)

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  • I thought that O.henry was making a complaint against the society about the unfairness and injustice confronted with the vast numbers of the poor women,in a joking and ironic way,which is more easily-accepted to the reader.

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  • Is it because I has misunderstood the author that what I think is that---the man is stating the fairness that a women should suffer from in this society? A man is willing to pay for himself,pay for his friends but was exactly relucant to leave the women to spend their money.

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  • I am sorry that I don't know  what you mean by "similar ages occasion"?

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  • oh the author only refers to the similar ages occasion..we should have understand him

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  • How ahout a father gives a dollar to his daughter

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