But the little prince made no reply.      去书内

  • Maybe he is too lonely and has carried much responsibility.

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  • The little prince may lost in his memories, the silence actually tells us more.

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  • It leaves readers a suspense, making people wonder what had happened on the little prince.

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  • sometimes,I love to enjoy the loneness in a beautiful sunset or someone else,like baside the lake,I like to sit quitely there,thinking nothing at all,nothing to worry about,right?I have enough money to live,have old friends far from here,my dad and mom love me so much,I have finished all my tasks, I just need myself, watching something,I dreamed of living like that,as same as the scene writeen in the book,we do not know where,just sitting at somewhere,have fishing.

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  • Image that one looks the sunset alone all the time, what a lonely and sad feeling! The scenery is so beautiful, but there is nobody to share with.

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  • The prince is very lonely and up to  now,I haven't known what he pursued in his life.

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  • Can't understand.

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  • How sad the little prince is!

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  • To have seen the sunset forty-four times maybe isn't a happy thing for the little prince.Who knows?Grown-ups never really understand his sorrow.

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  • The question caught him completely off-guard.Mzybe he did not expect to expose his sadness.

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