It is such a secret place, the land of tears.      去书内

  • Fantasy is ruined by cold figures and cold OUTCOMES.

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  • The land of tears, what a sad place it is!

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  • Sometimes when someone is crying, there is only the one himself that knows the reason, and other people who wants to comfot him can not get to the point.

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  • It is such a place that the writer realized and discarded the baleful inner element of a grown-up.

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  • Still cannot totally understand. Should I take some references?

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  • From the view of my eye,the secret place means the unseen place in "my" heart.Before the little prince cries,maybe "i" just feel fresh about the long-lost innocence.But the tears of the little prince touch the hidden emotions.The child's chaste tears, land on the secret place of "my" heart.

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  • secret,intriguing ,tears

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  • It is a beautiful and meaningful sentence. Where is the secret place? Why is it the land of tears? Is the place the star little prince belongs to? Is the place the heart or the soul of little prince? Are the tears shed for homesick or for getting hurt by the words?

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  • The place is our tenderness of heart.

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  • A sentence with silence. It is such a secret place to which only sincere interaction between adults and children can lead. The land of tears, tears from both the little prince and the narrator's heart.

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