“Ashamed of drinking!” The tippler brought his speech to an end, and shut himself up in an impregnable silence.      去书内

  • 深刻!

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  • i have the similar experience. i always be despressed by myself because i play computer game and get a bad study, a bad life. but when i was upset ,i want to play the computer game to cheer me up. after all ,i get in the dead-circle. this kind of habit was made by the lack of self-control.

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  • In my opinion, this is a perfect metaphor. The point that the author really want to talk about is not dirinking, but the fact that the adults always try to make uo their fault with another fault. For example, one may tell a lie to hide another lie, or to hurt others to prevent being fight back.

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  • This is a logic loop. People who are addicted to alcohol are often stuck in the loop and they just can not get out of it. Grown-ups may be addicted to somethings but an innocent child will not.

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  • If we indulge ourselves in doing wrong things, we only make a bigger wrong. When we find we are wrong, the only thing we should do is to correct it.

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  • The grown-ups are self-defeating logically and psychologically.The lack of reflection on their own life makes them unable to see their odd behavior.

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  • The tippler was ridiculous and self-contradiction.

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  • Interesting and inconsistent... Adults actually know something is harmful but they still can't help doing that because their hearts are not pure enough to resist those attracts.

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  • Sometimes people drink in order to forget the unhappy experience ,but this man is different.

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  • Push oneself to be addicted in other harmful vice to forget the past when one abusing his time doing something bad or useless.It's so lugubrious to do like this.

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