“It is also lonely among men,” the snake said.      去书内

  • It is sad and pessimestic, but it is true.

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  • Nice criticism.

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  • Sometimes, it is the same to some extend when someone is in the desert or among men, because even if he is surrounded by people, he is still alone inside. If someone can not find a soul mate to share his mind with, it will be no defferent than just being alone.

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  • If there is no one to communicate with you about your ideas or lives, wherever you are, even if you are surrounded by lots of people, you will feel lonely as if you were the only person in the earth.And I believe most of us had ever the feeling.I am reminded of an old saying, no one is an island.But we can't give the entrance to everyone to make you looke like less lonely. After all, feeling lonely is just an individual feel in your own mind.

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  • that is quite true

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  • Loneliness is a state of mind.Human beings have emotional needs,so being lonely is more painful than being alone sometimes.

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  • Feeling not because you are alone,but because you feel that no one know you.If there isn't anybody understand you,you may feel lonely even if you are accompanied with a lot of people.

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  • It is also lonely among men,just like isolated islands,without actual connection with others,and no one  cares what happens on other islands,whether sun shines or volcanoes erupt.

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  • "Lonely" seems like a kind of common feeling among people. This feeling is from the bottom of our heart which will not so easily disappear.

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  • Though the humanbeings have the same appearences, and they have the same basic ability to deal with daily things, and even they may get on well with each other. There are also exsiting many differences between them. In some aspects of spirit, they are still facing themselves.

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