And he lay down in the grass and cried.      去书内

  • • Before this universal journey, the prince thought he was, not the richest, but at least rich, prince. However, to his unfortunate, the dream has now broken down, after seeing a garden of roses and the huge mountains. Well,if I may say, he is still very wealthy. He is rich on spirit. As long as a man owns imagination, he almost owns everything. Besides, it may also be easier for him to get happiness. So don’t cry my babe.

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  • We often meet some cruel facts like this, but as an adult, we may feel sad in our heart instead of crying out.

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  • you are a very special prince,don't cry,you are richer than anyone!!

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  • This is when a innocent child faces reality for the first time. The reality is cruel and everything he treasures the most can all be worthless. It must be really hard to the little prince, at this point he realizes that he has seen so little and there is so much that he doesn't know.

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  • The little prince just lived in his own world in the past. At the time he touched a larger world, he felt upset and shock. His view of the world collapsed. Sorry for the little prince.

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  • Oh, poor little prince...... I really feel sad for him.

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  • A crying who alt last get to know his love

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  • It's the right time for him to grow up.Everyone can not be totally unique,but we must keep the individual things to go on the life.

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  • The Little Prince finally saw a garden full of blooming roses..He is very sad. Because he rose that she was lying to him in the universe a unique flower. However, under the guidance of the fox, the little prince and his rose know them, although similar, but because he rose to his overwhelmed cover, because he had to give her vertical screen, because he gave her except through the caterpillar, because he heard her complain, boast, even her silence, so he rose, it is unique in the world!

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  • Growing up is a painful process to some extant.Our understanding about the rorld and life are constantly altered and even overturned.We may feel puzzled ,dejected and even doubt ourselves.But this process is inevitable in our life.

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