Old longings nomadic leap, Chafing at custom’s chain; Again from its brumal sleep Wakens the ferine strain.      去书内

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  • 长久以来的渴望不时闪动,因为世俗的羁绊而怒火中烧,将再次从冬眠中唤醒那野生的天性。

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  • 很有气势的开头

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  • Jack London(born Jan. 12, 1876, died Nov. 22, 1916), whose life symbolized the  power of will, was the most successful writer in America in the early 20th Century. His vigorous stories of men and animals against the environment, and survival against hardships were drawn mainly from his own experience. An illegitimate child, London passed his childhood in poverty in the Oakland slums. At the age of 17, he ventured to sea on a sealing ship. The turning point of his life was a thirty-day imprisonment that was so degrading it made him decide to turn to education and pursue a career in writing. And his experiences of searching for gold in the Klondike (in Canada) left their mark in his stories. His work embraced the concepts of unconfined individualism and Darwinism in its exploration of the laws of nature. He retired to his ranch near Sonoma, where he died at age 40 of various diseases and drug treatments.

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  • The Call of the Wild falls into the genre of animal fiction, in which an animal is anthropomorphized and given human traits. In the story, London attributes human thoughts and insights to Buck, so much so that when the story was published he was accused of being a nature faker for attributing "unnatural" feelings to a dog.

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  • The Call of the Wild by American author Jack London is the most amazing novella related to dogs that I have ever read. I still cannot forget the desolate but philosophical poem at the beginning of the book.

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  • strain,性格

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  • A poetry sentence for an attractive start. It immediately leads readers into the world of novel.

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