“They are lucky,” the switchman said.      去书内

  • Children are lucky because they know clearly their goal and make it simple.Just be simple and you will be more absored in what you are heading for.

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  • Children are lucky because they know exactly what they want. And what they want is simple and clear. The grown-ups just get tired of life and persue something actually not so meaningful.

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  • Children are lucky because they are still curious about the world.

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  • Children are so lucky, because they know what they truly want.

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  • A child is luckly because what they want is always concret and they can be easily satisfied because `their desire is limitied but on the contry to an adult it may seems difficult to get away with the perpetual wants.They are hanppy because they are content with what they own and therefore thay are happy.

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  • All too often, we have grown up to become an aimless person. This is a very normal phenomenon as we can see nowadays students  do not get up early because they can't find something that interest them or ignite their passions. Kids, however, knows exactly what they want even though it might seem an unimportant matter in the grown-ups eyes.

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  • It's lucky to know what we are looking for.

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  • With time going by,growing up from child to adult,we experience more,get more chances and opportunities.It seems that no one is the exception of greed,for it`s the nature of human.Gradually on our path of lives,we desire more,chase more ,keep our hands busy ,rush in and out.It becomes easy for us to lose the original direction,just act like robots.

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  • They are lucky because they can still put their heart in something they like.Haven't experienced the hardship in this world is their luckiest thing.

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  • The children are lucky because they know what they really want,but the adults have already grow tired of their life and waste too much time on something meaningless but "indispensable" for them.

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