The old adage of buying the least expensive property in the best neighborhood you can find really does work.      去书内

  • Such kind of good locations includes metro stations, bus stops, supermarkets and large shopping malls.And we should not ignore those undeveloped areas, like suburbs near cities. Sometimes,when the cities can not afford to provide with urban citizens with enough housing infrastructure, some people may turn to suburbs near the cities.There are several reasons that I can think of.First of all, the housing expenditure may not be so high but after a lot of people rushing in to the suburb areas, the houses in this area will become higher. But in common occasions, it will not higher than the prices in cities. Secondly, a lot of people have a car. So it will be quite convinent for people to get to work.Usuually, half an hour's drive will be the best.

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  • property in the best neighborhood mean a lot of things,like the best school,the nice market and park and so on ,which will give you the best convenience in your daily life.

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