“The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen.”      去书内

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  • 星星很美

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  • he miss his flower, may after the fox told him the secret, he learn to love his flower.

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  • In the eyes of the prince,there's nothing that can replace his flower.Because of it,his life acquire much more beauty.

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  • Lack of the beauty of a flower-the rose,the stars may seem pretty.But in the little prince's heart,nothing can take place of the rose.

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  • It's seen with heart,not by eyes.For one thing,it emphasize his miss to the rose.For another,it remind us heart can see further thing beyond the barricade.

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  • just like the saying goes,love me love my dog.it is because the little prince loves his flower that he thinks the stars beautiful.

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  • As a matter of fact, what is really beautiful is the flower. As long as the flower is planted on a planet, no matter what the planet looks like the little prince will attach great love to it and consider it to be beautiful.

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