Send me word that he has come back.      去书内

  • this book is just so realistic, there just isn't enough words to describe it.You really have to look beyond the cutecy little adventures the little prince does, because there are a lot of lessons that we can all learn from it.

    I agree, it isn't really a children's book, although a child will mostly understand it. I can most definitely find myself and in what situation i am in,in this book.

    As you read the book, you'll notice that all of the scences in the story are simply metaphors of everyone's lives. Like for example, the flower that the little prince cared for so much, can be related as a love relationship, but when the little boy leaves his flower for her vanity(snobiness)and she tells him to just "be happy", you know that was true love right there,and also lets him know that she was just testing him to see if he was going to give up on her.So know u know the little prince made a mistake by leaving her, and throughout the story he mentions her and relates to her.

    You will truelly find yourself in this story and it will remind you of all things you've been through in your life, and things you will go through. You have to lelate this book to life when you read it, otherwise, it's just a lil children's book.

    Oh and by the way, my friend thought this was the best book in her whole life and wanted to read this to me, and after every chapter, we talk about what the story meant and it's amazing how every single person can really relate to it, and interpret it in his or her own way.She tells me she's read this 20 times, and everytime she reads it, she finds something new. It's just like a poem, you're never wrong and there's diff situations behind it and applies to us all. the book is also an eye-opener to me, because it makes you realize how vain the world can be at times, and most grown ups are to blame for letting that happen.

    Overall, this book is about relationships for the most part,love,friendship,even vanity and alcoholism, and how making the wrong choice can hurt you permanently. It is a book about life...

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  • Now the story has ended, and I know that the little prince is never gone, the moment he leaves earth he gets in the heart of every reader. The little prince is the dream that live deep inside every one of us, we had this dream once we were young, but it never dies. As long as we keep the little prince's word in mind, we will know what to look for. And from now on, whenever I look up and see the stars, I'll know that on one of those shining spots, there will be a little prince and his rose sitting together and watching the sunset.

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  • I will.

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  • If I come across him,I will ask the golden wind from the dessert and the starry stars in the sky to send you the word.

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  • The writer is missing the little prince very much.

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  • My eyes are wet when I am reading this sentence. Maybe I have already been tamed by the little princess.

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  • I'm waiting.

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  • I will never forget the little prince.He lives in his planet,watering his rose and cleaning the volcanoes.A little man with golden hair laughs happily in a remote planet.

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  • I shall remember him.I will neve forget that there is a little prince who lives on a small planet,where there is only a rose and three volcanos.He loves his rose so much and he cleans the volcanos every day......He sometimes just sits down and looks at the stars,aiso,waits to watch the sunset and the sunrise.And he loves that...

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  • The narrator must miss the little prince.The little prince go back to his planet but he will stay in the narrator's heart forever.

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