There was an instantaneous scattering of the four men who had carried it in, and from safe perches on top the wall they prepared to watch the performance.      去书内

  • Buck is powerful and brave.But he is afraid of being kidnapped.

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  • They are so greedy, and they are crazy about gold. In this paragragh, we can know that Buck was powerful but frightening.

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  • In this section, Buck find that those people may just be a watcher while others may suffering from the danger to die,they are so cold blooded that the author even called it an performance.

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  • The action of those four men is enough to prove that Buck was extremely frightening.This indirect description makes the book more live.

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  • It shows how powerful and frightening Buck is.But interestingly,they dared to kidnap it.This is the strong and evil power of greedy of human.

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  • From this readers can know that the four men was cowards and just should be looked down upon.

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  • greedy and uncompassionate. their crazy for gold destroyed their reason

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  • From their action , we can know that Buck's power and prestige.

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