And here, lying by the river bank through the long spring days, watching the running water, listening lazily to the songs of birds and the hum of nature, Buck slowly won back his strength.      去书内

  • I am glad to see that Buck finds his owner who treats him as a friend in the end and leads a comfortable and happy life.

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  • I am really glad to see that, and thanks to the man full of love. Buck can lead a warmer life.

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  • This is a simple picture, but it is also a very warm picture. The maddened spirit of Buck has resided within that tortured husk for such a long time. Finally, Buck finds a great man. The man regards Buck as his friends but not a livestock or a tool.

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  • Thanks to Thornton,Buck was having a enjoyful life, and was right there with his beloved owner.

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  • I thought that Buck minght be dead in the past and was afraid that the strong dog would never win back his strength.But luckily now,he was healing and living a enjoyful life thanks to the man who was full of love.

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  • Glad to see that.

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  • Now Buck's life is bright.I can't help thinking his companions brfore,they are poor.

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  • Warm occasion which was different from before

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