The whips snapped, the bells tinkled merrily, the sleds churned along the trail; but Buck knew, and every dog knew, what had taken place behind the belt of river trees.      去书内

  • The writer didn't describe Dave's death directly, but everyone knew that Dave, a respectful dog, went to the end with dignity. Sorrowful,cruel but realistic.During this hard trip, there were variety of change, for example, from life to death, strong to sick.Everyone can't escape from the cruel nature rule.

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  • The rule is so cruel. If there is no use of you, then there is no need of you to exist.

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  • The wild environment is so cruel.If you has lost your value and can't work any long,you also lose the necessity of being left behind.

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  • The author didn't describe Dave's death directly,but through these word,I can feel the sadness of dogs,and I myself feel pity towards Dave's death.

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  • Dave finally was saved from continuous pain.A new journey began,and the old buddy stayed forever.

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  • A gunshot. Everyone knew that Dave had been dead. The merrily tinkling bells seemed to extend this tragedy, meaning that they were confronting unbearable obstacles, not only physically, but also mentally.

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  • How sad was the death of Dave.A lovely dog.

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  • The description of "merrily tinkling bells" is in sharp contrast with the death of Dave, which strengthened the tragedy of Dave's death. The author implied the death of Dave by describing the scenery, which made it more heart-broken.

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  • The word"merrily"is in sharp contrast with the death of Dave,which adds to the moving and tragic feeling of Dave's death,and really makes me feel much sadder.The author uses a roundabout way to tell the readers of the death of Dave's death,to some extent,it is more heart-brokening.

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  • Dave's death indicated the loyal of dogs.

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