The dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck, and under the fierce conditions of trail life it grew and grew.      去书内

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  • Burk began to live like a dog. He was so strong that he suited the new life quickly.

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  • Buck was so kind,brave and loyal.But faced with cruel condition,he was forced to grow stronger.We human beings do the same thing too.Confronted with hardship,we grow much stonger and tougher,and finally become a better self.Just like the lyrics goes,what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,stand a little higher.

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  • To my delight, Buck has found out his wild nature and grown much stronger due to the fierce conditions. Environment is so influential that makes people adjust themselves.

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  • The hard environment makes Buck become stronger and stonger.

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  • The enviorment which Buck was born to live in gradually awakened the wild beast inside his nature.

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  • Considering his characteristic,ability and ambition,he's sure to become a dominater.

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  • The difficult environment enables Buck to hone his will.It's the same for people.When living in extremely difficult environment, we should do whatever to make ourselves live in order to make our life shine for the dedication of the glory of life .

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  • As it is universally acknowledged,the environment contains a huge capability to change a dog's personality and human beings are not an exception.The dominant primordial beast is a pretty wild and fierce battle for a specie,displaying the wholly wild world. Therefore,Buck is now exposed to an opportunity to dig out the real wildness or on the other side,cover the firstly exposed courage.Buck was faced with a huge turning point which may change not only the personality and the role's experience but also the whole development of the story since Buck is the main roles.

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  • In tough circumstances,one who want to survive must adapt himself to the condition.

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