This is another investment where youth works in your favor rather than against you.      去书内

  • That is why I mentioned before about young people have capital to try new things.As a matter of fact, I join in a entrepreneurial team with other seniors in Guangzhou University.There we set up a so called incubator to run our projects.We have an office with 24-hour non-stop electricity ,which gives us a lot of convience.Thanks to the teachers in Guangzhou University, their supports will greatly encourage us and motivate us. I hope in the near future, we, as a team, will be able to set up a film. I wish that one day I may set up a company that specially provide fitness plan for those people who are suffering from obesity.The reasons are as follows.First of all, I used to be a fat girl and was laughed at by a lot off naughty boys in the class, which made me really upset and uncomfident.Secondly,I am keen on going to the gym to shape my body.I consider everyone in the world deserve a fit and health body.So I hope that, under our guidance, those people who are suffering from cardiovascular, high-blood pressure and diabetes can also benefit from our program.

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