Questions for Revision: 1.What are the major elements in European culture? 2.What were the main features of ancient Greek society? 3.What did Homer do? Why is he important in the history of European literature? 4.Who were the outstanding dramatists of ancient Greece? What important plays did each of them write? 5.Were there historians then? Who were they? What did each of them write about? 6.Would you say that philosophy was highly developed then? Who were the major philosophers? 7.Did Socrates write any book? How then do we know about him? What distinguished his philosophy? 8.Tell some of Plato's ideas. Why do people call him an idealist? 9.In what important ways was Aristotle different from Plato? What are some of Aristotle's works that are still influential today? 10.Who were some of the other philosophers active in that period? Does the word "Epicurean" in its modern sense convey the true meaning of the philosophy of the ancient Epicureans? What were their views on pleasure? 11.Say something about Greek sculpture, pottery and architecture. What was the most famous Greek temple? Is it still there? 12.Give some examples to show the enormous influence of Greek culture on English literature.      去书内