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  • 昏迷的

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  • Faint 1 difficult to see, hear, smell etc 不清楚的,模糊的 She gave a faint smile. 她淡淡一笑。 a very faint noise 很微弱的声响 the faint light of dawn 微弱的晨光 THESAURUS QUIET 1 2 a faint hope/possibility/chance etc a very small or slight hope etc 微弱的希望/很小的可能性/些微的可能等 a faint hope that they might be alive 他们渺茫的生还希望 3 not have the faintest idea to not know anything at all about something 完全不知道 I don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about. 我一点都不知道你在说什么。 4 feeling weak and as if you are about to become unconscious because you are very ill, tired, or hungry 〔因生病、疲倦或饥饿而〕虚弱的 The heat made him feel quite faint. 高温令他感觉很虚弱。 [+ with ] I was faint with hunger. 我饿昏了。

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  • 不省人事的

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