I, a girl of thirteen, coming under the spell of your attraction, grasped this secret of your existence, this profound cleavage of your two lives, at the first glance.      去书内

  • It was the short happiness staying with her lover pleased her as if she were in heaven. As for her, it was the most valuable happiness in the world. And for the transitory happiness, she even lost her dignity in front of her most lover.

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  • And the love definitely gives  the girl much courage in the future when facing all kinds of trouble.

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  • Falling in love with the man at the first glance,it seemed that she was just young and naive.But for all these years,her feeling has never changed.It's not young girl's impulsion but true love.

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  • This innocent girl came to crush the writer secretly.

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  • The girl was imaginative while the author exactly attracted her, and catched her attention.

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  • The woman character showed her original love the man

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  • The girl was so intelligent that her insight was such precise. Probably as what is said repeatedly in the film Andrew’s Game, when you know someone more, you love him more. It was the comprehension determined her fate.

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  • When at a young age,we thought we had found out another person's special charm and hidden character which was discovered only by ourselves.We proudly believed it was something called fate and suddenly fell in love with the fateful person..However,today it seemed a wrong feeling and ridiculous trick we have treasured for many years.

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  • The girl fall in love with the man at the first sight.For what reason?I think it is because the background that she comes from.She never knew how the upper class before,neither did she see so many books.Because of the worship of konwledge,she started her endless imagine and fell in love with the man.

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  • Because this is a novel.That's all.

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