It looks as if his features stirred, and I could almost fancy that he is not dead after all, that he will wake up, and with his clear voice will say something childishly loving.      去书内

  • These words remind me of my grandpa's death.When I rushed at home I saw him laid in the sofa,covered by a sheet.It seems he was just sleeping and he would wake up after several minutes,I wanted to wake him up,but I failed.A mom's sadness for her lost son must be severer than my.

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  • Her son was all she had.She regarded her son as the evidence of he having an affair with her.Now her son's dead and she lost the hope of love and life.As a result,she got up the courage to write to the man and told him the feelings she has hidden for years.

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  • so touching.For mum,it was tough for her to accept the truth that her beloved boy was dead

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  • Such touching imaginary.

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  • When the closest person was dead,almost everyone could not accept that truth:he did die.Life is so tenuous.

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  • It is really tough for a mom who loves her son very much to accept the fact that the son has gone, and her imaginary is really sad, full of sorrowness.

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  • The sentence clearly shows how the woman thought when she realized the death.She lost her love and couldn't accept it immediately.

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  • She must love her child very much.

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  • Loving  her son so much and it's hard to accept the sorrow fact.

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  • The discription for sadness is moving so much and I can even feel the depresion myself.

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