A dead woman wants nothing; neither love, nor compassion, nor consolation.      去书内

  • She lacks love,compassion and consolation,she wants the man to know her,to memorize her and feel guilty.

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  • She just wants to say something, something she never said before, something about her whole life

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  • something about hopelessness

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  • A strong woman. She didn't need anything, but a person to get known of her unfortunate experiences.

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  • Been there,known that.

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  • After reading the whole passage, it seems that we can better understand there words. The woman loved the writer so deeply that she gave birth to their child in a hospital for the poor in dishonor and undertook the heavy burden of nourishing the child on his own. Though she was too poor to make a living for her and their child's life, she never went to aks him for help but chose to be a social butterfly. She was particularly strong, wanting no sympathy and consaltion from anyone else. She loved the writer R, but she did not tell him anything. Because she hnew he did not want any responsibility in love.

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  • The woman needed nothing, she just wanted a chance to pour out.It sounds sad.

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  • She was so desperate. Maybe it was because the man met the woman for many times before, but he still did not recognize her.

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  • I can feel that the woman is really desperate.

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  • This woman is considerate and show a genuine love for this man.It is a great love story.

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