I marked your coining from a distance, and collected all my forces to prevent myself shrinking out of your path.      去书内

  • Years of being the focus of others’ eyesight and the gifted beauty must enhanced her confidence, while the long period of feeling shameful to encounter the writer directly still worked as obstacles stopping her from bravely stepping forward in her road. And according to her current actions, I suppose that even when she really made some progress, it wouldn’t be the perfect one, her shyness and strong sense of worrying were always protecting her but also preventing her from achieving what she desired.

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  • When you loved someone,every little characteristic was unique for you.You can easily recognize him in the crowd of mass.This is magic of love.

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  • the language and the writing strategy is marvoulous,he just hit our heart!

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  • Hah, I do agree!

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  • It's definitely absurd to some extent,but to speak frankly,this phenomenon may truly happen in our daily life(epecially in those TV-plays.....)

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  • The boundless frenzy of unrequited love? The opposite ways in which we humans can experience (and remember) the same events? The unchecked irrationality of an obsession? The one-dimensional nature of love? The sad lives of both those who live to love and those who love to live?

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