One of these was known to all, it was the life open to the whole world; the other was turned away from the world, and was fully known only to yourself.      去书内

  • what a sensitive and imaginative little girl

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  • Then how did others find it? Unless the other life refers to his working time, if so, that was fantastic.

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  • A person doesn't necessarily has only one pattern of behaviour.Sometimes he or she chooses to stay clam to earn respect and keep himself kind of misterious so as to keep such attraction.But he or she will sometimes be rather childish when meeting with someone he or she really trusts.

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  • many people seprarte themselves into two pattern,the first one shows how mature they are so that he can earn social respect. the other one is the childish way that we only would like to show it to whom we trust

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  • How can the girl sensitively perceive that the man had two ways of life?

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  • Each of us has our own secrets and no one expects to exposure them to others.

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  • At her first glance to the author,the woman felt that he had two totally different characters in his life.

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