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When I saw this title "A Room of One's Own" first, I thought it is a story about a woman who worked hard to get a room. But when I started reading this book, I was really confused... This entire book is about something in Woolf's mind. Until the chapter 2, I could not understand what she wanted to tell readers. There are so many difficult new words to me, and many people and books and articles I never heard of before. After read the whole book, I could know a little bit of what the writer wanted to say. Then I found the Chinese one on the Internet and read it, I think I understand more and more now. But there are still many things I cannot understand, such as the part about "I"...

Women were very poor. A man could do anything he wanted, but a woman could not. A woman could not learn, could not write, and could not have a room of her own. Men looked down on women, even though some women were much better than men. "The best woman was intellectually the inferior of the worst man", Mr. Browning said. Women were great in poems and plays, but were tragic in harsh reality.

In fact, I think women are also poor nowadays, but, of course, it is much better than before. Women are playing more and more important roles in our society. But there is still unfairness.

P.S. To be honest, I hate Stream of consciousness literature.......T_T



  • you are right,chinese is hard to read.virginia wolf is my goddess,i have already  read all of the  book she write.it is a little  bit hard to read ,i know.but  i just like.