I never believe a man should obey the”fate”, but I do believe that a man have his limit no matter who he is. In the meantime,such a strong, smart man can do limited things. Santiago, however, isn’t an incompetent man.In the contrast, he is the most brilliant and the most brave fisherman. Even though his is skillful, the fish is so cunning that he can never catch a tini one. It’s believed that he meet his”the limit”, he make a try and fail,and try again.It seems to him the god is block his way, “a man can be destroyed,but not defeated”.

The Old Man and the Sea is one of hemingway’s most immortal works. The book may very well become one of the true classics of this generation. Certainly, Ernest Hemingway’s short novel is processed exact,well united time and places and it’s style of writing is very deep.In addition,as the most great works, his novel contains not only one meaning. First of all,this is an exciting tragedy adventure story. I am astonished by his extrodinary spirit.

As far as I am concerned ,this novel not only a story about an adventure but a story lays special emphasis on moral meanings that are full of the symbol of badge. The spirit that the old man possessed impressed me deeply.