It's a book about courage; it's a book about dignity; it's a book about the meaning of life. In The Old Man and the Sea, we read not only a story, but also an attitude towards human life and dignity.

  With the expansion of horizons and the development of thinking, a human individual seems to become small in our eyes. In a long history, the vast expanse of star sea, a person is too small. But a person's spirit can sweep the whole space and time. The lonely old man, faced with ferocious waves and ferocious sharks, fought like a struggle against fate. However, his courage and determination were not in vain even though his big fish was gnawed away, even though his body was tired and injured in his struggle, his spirit conquered the enemy, conquered himself and conquered the world. That kind of shining quality is like a gem, and it still shines after years of panning.

  "A man can be knocked down, but he will never be defeated."." What a great slogan! Isn't human dignity like this? For dignity, we should pay all of us. It is this indestructible courage and dignity that has made man come from generation to generation.

  As a college students, we should have this quality to let oneself become a brave, faithful people.