With the coronavirus outbreak these days, the book sets me thinking more. Looking back on what happened in Wuhan, we can see that most of the plots described in the book come true, just as the old man says in the ending of the story,” plague? Just life, no more than that.” After I finishing reading it, I immediately searched the writer on the internet, but to my surprise, he didn’t go through any plague. Later I understood, it was the writer’s thorough understanding of the humanism of people that enabled him to write such a great book. In the book, Tarrou mentioned his experience when his was young, he hates all kinds of killing, including killing the murderer. What the writer wants to convey to us is that everyone is irrational, just like the plague, they may do something to put others in danger. We all have plague, but if we can unite to fight against the plague, be volunteers, help the doctors, and always have faith in our mind, we can finally win. The plague is the symbol of disaster, disasters is horrible, but it can be defeated if we hang on. The book tells us not only what to do with the plague but also how to live a meaningful life.