Letter from on Unknown Woman


To you, who have never known me.

Only you, who have never known me, and whom I have never ceased to love.

None but lonely children can cherish such a passion.The others will squander their feelings in companionship, will dissipate them in confidential talks.

I was ever near you, and ever tense; but you were no more aware of it than you were aware of the tension of the mainspring of the watch in your pocket, faithfully recording the hours for you, accompany your footsteps with its unheard ticking, and vouchsafed only a hasty glance for one second among millions.

我是不是太久没有看说,如今看小说都迷迷糊糊不知所以。我的窥探欲慢慢淡下来,随着无数的请求性语言和辩白的铺陈,大概就知道了the writer 是永远记不起她来了,因此笔记也不愿再写了 。正如the unknown woman说的那样,“It's a pity." 遗憾得有点轰轰烈烈,但却像是废弃的小房子里积满了灰尘的书架轰然倒塌,只扬起了一片尘。