pride and prejudice


Pride and Prejudice is a love story, mainly tells the love between Elizabeth and Darcy. It divided into 2 volumes and is composed of 42 chapters altogether. The major characters are Mr. Darcy, A rich and proud young man. Elizabeth, the second eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Mr. Bingley , A rich young bachelor. Jane, the first daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Bennet. The story begin with Bingley’s arrival. One day when Mrs.Bennet hear Bingley has taken Netherfield, a house near her’s. She is so happy and arranged one of her five daughters marriage with him. At a ball, luckly, Bingley and Jane fall in love at the first sight. Darcy, a friend of Bingley’s , was attracted to Elizabeth, a lively and spirited girl. But Darcy greatly offends her by his supercilious behavior and this dislike is increased by Wickham, a dashing young militia officer of the unjust treatment he has met with at Darcy's hands. One day when Darcy and Bingley’s two sisters disgusted with the vulgarity of Mrs. Bennet and her two youngest daughters, effectively separated Bingley and Jane. Meanwhile, Collins, a cousin of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, married charlotte, a friend of Elizabeth’s, for Elizabeth’s refuse to marry him. But One day Darcy send Elizabeth a letter, in which he justifies the separation of his friend Bingley and Jane and make it clear that Wickham is. So Elizabeth changed her opinions and ideas toward him. Once when Elizabeth visited her uncle and aunt in the north of England, she met Darcy there and witnessed his changes through series of behaviors, no longer pride and become gentle and attentive, all these made their marriage arranged, and they also suitably provided for Bingley and Jane’s reunited and engaged. The story ends with both their happy marriages.