Bella's Wishlist2019-06-26

      Bella was born into a wealthy businessman's family in Sydney. She was the second of three sisters. Her sister, Ivy, was a doctor at Sydney Harbour Hospital. Her sister, Laksey, was a senior event planner for her father's company. She was a designer. Soon after the mother gave birth to her sister, she left home because of severe postpartum depression, and her sister took on the responsibility of caring for the whole family. When Bella was 26 years old with fibrosis, she had to be treated. She was sent to Sydney Harbour Hospital where her sister worked. Her sister cared for her day and night, and Charlie, her best friend, took care of her shift. Charlie is a famous handsome man in the hospital. In a chat with Bella, Charlie learns about Bella's wish list. She not only wants to attend her sister's wedding, but also wants to have a love affair. Charlie is gradually attracted to this simple girl in the search for a matching lung, and in Bella's mind, Charlie has always been the ideal lover. Charlie promised Bella a perfect love when she recovered. After the lung replacement operation, Bella applied for the school to start designing and learning, and began to live again. Charlie found that he could not leave the pure and strong girl. Charlie poured out his heart and expressed his love, and finally they were together.

      After reading, I can feel the longing for love of a girl who has been sick for a long time.