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The awakening2019-03-02

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The spirit of the Chinese people is a work which introduce China to the whole world from almost every respect. Before reading , I was confused that what this spirit is exactly because as a Chinese people, I cannot even conclude or have thought the answer of this question. This phenomenon is so prevalent that Im convinced that we lose some significant parts as Chinese. So as a member of todays Chinese society, it is of great importance to read this book to awaken the valuable spirit of China.

What the author reckon the great characteristics of the Chinese is deep, broad, simple, sensitive which can make a foreigner knows China accurately. As far as I am concerned, these are also the fundamental factor for us to pick up the spirit. The writer described these characteristics in the whole book to make readers more impressive.

Moreover, there are a variety of points that I really agree with. One of the most vivid description is the Chinese. The Chinese consists of two parts: The spoken Chinese and the written Chinese. The spoken Chinese is a language which is simple, without any ornament and creats from the heart. So it is easier for people with little knowledge to speak Chinese. The written Chinese is brief seemingly but have profound consideration and is filled with different feelings under the words. After reading this part, readers would feel the charm of the Chinese. The book also refers the politeness of the Chinese which also attract my attention. It is believed that Chinese keep manners because they can consider matters from others aspects and although our politeness is not as thorough as Japanese, it is natural and sincere  instead of histrionic. I think the Confucianism makes the great contribution to these notable features and the development of the Confucianism and the life of the Confucius that mentioned in the book also deepen and broaden my view.

What shocks me in the book is the description of some custom in peoples life in the past time such as the marriage and some activities in the special festivals. Some of them are complicated but we can see the braw expectation of the Chinese and their zeal for the life. The detailed description reappears the past times and I suppose it is also a precious historical material for the modern China.

However, there are also some opinions that I cannot understand and even really contradict. It is the some points of the China women. The author believes that the concubinage is a deserved sacrifice for women because men also make sacrifice for the society and the country. This idea is totally cannot be accepted by the modern society. Whats more, the writer praises the China women for their three obediences and the four virtues. These points are pedantic but is limited by the era so we can abandon them and donate our understanding to the author.

In a nutshell, the book was written by a great genius and the influence of it should be memorized by every Chinese except some opinions which are outdated. Last but not least is supposing that we can learn a few qualities in the book, China will greet a more glaring future before long. 






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